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Business Opportunity

A smart, enviromentally friendly investment. Learn more
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The dry cleaning industry has one of the highest success rates of
all small businesses. Less than a 4% failure rate; that means 96%
of all dry cleaners are successful!!

(Dun and Bradstreet)
  • Why Go Green?

    Our Mission: To increase our marketing share in the dry cleaning segment by providing
    the best dry cleaning to consumers

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  • Benefits & Services

    The green advantage. A clean start to
    profits. Low start up costs. Low financing
    rates and more.

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  • Business Packages

    Business packages are affordable
    and financing is available. Starting
    as low as $49,900.

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Who are we and what we represent

Green Dry Cleaners has spent the last 50 years developing the strategy, building the infrastructure and assembling the staff necessary to offer our customers the strongest system in the dry cleaning industry. We offer a proven and tested way of doing business. We believe our efforts make us an effective and efficient partner and you, an effective entrepreneur!

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