Why Go Green?

Our Mission: To increase our marketing share in the dry cleaning segment by providing the best dry
cleaning to consumers; by exceeding their expectations of cleaning, quality, customer service and
responsibility to the community.

Dry cleaning is one of the safest businesses today. It is not influenced by war, peace, depression, inflation, interest rates, etc.
It is better today than ever before because the equipment is more efficient than ever, and with new technology, it has become
much more profitable. I am sure you realize the many advantages of being in a cash business. In some states, such as Florida,
you collect 6% environmental tax, but only 2% goes to the State. This is an extra 4% cash to the owner, just for collecting taxes.
Most people are unhappy with their dry cleaner... lost garments, buttons, ornaments, stains, double creases, late delivery and
poor quality. This, alone, makes it easy to get a clientele fast... and combined with our hands-on training, signs, advertising,
mailings, and circulars, you do business the first day!

Customers have dry cleaning every week and it is a very steady business. Food, laundry, and dry cleaning are the most steady
businesses and cannot be substituted. They are essential to our everyday life.

We assist our salesman in your area in selecting a good retail location, which of course, needs your approval. We can suggesta profitable location and we offer the best one or two sites in your area. The location should have a good address that people inthe area recognize, with good visibility, ample parking, a high traffic count and in some cases, a drive-up or drive-throughwindow, which can be added to your store if you have an “end” location.

We assist you in selecting the best way to finance your store... banks, (SBA) Small Business Administration and finance companieswith the best rates. We also assist in providing 6 months advertising, noted in your contract, all paid, including mailing costs, layoutand printing. The copy choice is also yours, with many variations of advertising. We provide training at our School in Florida oron-site training in your store when you open. We collect NO FRANCHISE FEES OR ROYALTIES. We make our money by providingeverything for you, just like a homebuilder. You pay one price for everything- décor, installation, machinery, signs, training, advertisingdelivery, etc. Advertising is extremely important, as you can run holiday sales and special pricing to encourage new customers andkeep the ones you already have!

Experienced workers are easy to find. Employees of other stores usually come in and apply for a job to work in a newer store with betterworking condition. We put a “NOW HIRING” sign in your window during construction so you can hire a full staff. We have never opened astore without the necessary people. A “Coming Soon” sign alerts everyone that you are going to open a new dry cleaning store shortly.

The packages are modular, so the “A” Package can be made into a “B” Package by adding more equipment. This can be done at any time to make it a safer investment by adding more equipment at a later date. The owner usually handles the counter to make sure the store is run properly. All phases of your operation can be observed this way.

Remember, the customers want SERVICE, QUALITY, AND PRICE. These three items will make your store successful. We train you to run ahigh quality operation. This training is also essential in making your store successful. You may view our website, which highlights the benefits of our company, and how we can help you become financially independent.

We have been selling dry cleaning stores for over 50 years. We have been involved in building 6,000 stores all over the US and Puerto Rico, We have everything for the dry cleaning store, from locating the best site, right through to the success of your opening. All our equipment is the latest technology, EPA and OSHA approved. We help negotiate your store lease, get permits, handle local codes, and of everything necessary to get your store open.

We have different types of dry cleaning equipment to satisfy your landlord or local authorities with “Perc”, petroleum, Aqua Clean water wash or Green Earth. The landlord will always accept one of these types of equipment.

Every customer says, “Get me a location and I’ll buy”. We turn it around to say, “Make a decision and buy now, subject to the location”. In this way, we know you are a serious buyer. We ask for a $5,000 deposit (if, for any reason you change your mind, the deposit is refundable.) We contact all the real estate companies in your area to find the best and most profitable locations and perhaps, an existing business that might be giving up a good location. We visit the best neighborhoods in your area to find the best visible location on the busiest street. While we are selecting a site for your new store, we are reviewing the best way for you to finance your store. Then, when the site is chosen, the financing is already in place.

Dry Cleaning is the best business today. Ask anyone who owns one. Let’s go ahead and sign you up now...there has never been a better time!!!

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