Benefits and Services

The Green Advantage:
  • Instant profit because consumers pay when they drop off
  • It's an all cash business
  • Shows a great return on investment
  • Builds rapid equity
  • Excellent tax benefits
  • Requires little inventory
  • Requires a small semi-skilled labor force
  • Provides a much needed service
  • Remains in tune with new fabrics
Equipment Advantage:

Our plant will be the model of efficiency with energy saving and labor saving equipment designed to produce the finest results at minimal cost All equipment will meet or exceed all E.P.A. and OSHA requirements.

Green Dry Cleaners FINANCIAL CENT$
  • Low Start-Up Costs
  • Low Investment
  • Low Financing Rates
  • Low Down Payments
  • Low Rent Locations
  • Secured Investment Opportunity
Store Benefits
  • Fully-Air Conditioned Stores
  • Custom Decorator-Designed Stores
  • Convenience Of Turn-Key Operation
  • Meets EPA and OSHA Standards
  • Family Oriented Business Hours
  • All Modern Up-To-Date Equipment
  • Completely-Automated Dry Cleaning Machines
  • Fully Equipped Dry Cleaning Plant On Site (excludes Drop Off Store)
  • Ideology Of Absentee Ownership: Maintaining current position while having an operating manager
Customer Sales Benefits
  • Best Pricing
  • Highest Quality
  • Fast Service
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