Business Package C

This package can be 100% Financed for qualified individuals.

  • Total Investment $49,900
  • Long Term Financing for Qualified Individual100%
  • Estimated Working Capital $10,000

Equipment Package:

One Mini Ironing Press Self Contained w/Iron & ironing table
Up to 150 Slick Rails for Stock Sorting and Drapery Racks
Four interior signs
Point of sale computer system
Advertising: 5,000 circulars, 10,000 circulars mailed (each month for 3 months) some areas 30,000 per month
One 5.2 cu. ft. front load washer & matching dryer
One set flags
Bunting: “Coming Soon”, “Grand Opening” and “Now Open”
“One Price” signs for window
Three call area shirts w/logo
Two 4-Foot Counters with Garment Holder
One 5-Foot Marking Counter
Outside Sign up to $1,500 with Permit
Tile or Carpet Call Area
Wallpaper in Call Area
Paint Store, Floor in rear
Installation and layouts
Four Chairs with Cushions (4) and One Table
One Mirror 18” x 4’
One Entrance Mat
One Store Hours Sign
One Bookkeeping System
Freight and Rigging
Two Sewing Machines with Table
Sewing Kit
Dressing Area
Tailor Rack
Special Color Graphics for Windows
First Order of Supplies
Club Cards
One Road Sign
One Pre-Pay Sign
One steamer

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